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Product description:

Seeds Of Alchemy Online, course sets the stage for an exciting journey of self-empowerment. You will have the opportunity to make the changes you most need and go for what you really want – while being supported and held. 

  • 4 Live Two and a Half Hour Seminar’s each with their own Breathwork Session
  • Exercises and Exploration to deepen your experience
  • Access to a private Alchemy of Breath Facebook group and community
  • Video recordings of each class and breathwork session
Class dates and times are:
​​​​​Saturday, May 18 | 9:00am London time
​​​​​​​Tuesday, May 21 | 9:00am London time
​​​​​​​Thursday, May 23 | 9:00am London time
Saturday, May 25 | 9:00am London time

​​​​​​​Regular Price is $495.00

"My most profound experience from the year long training of AoB with Anthony was the amazing commitment, presence and genuine gentlemanly support he had for the training and each of us. Balanced in this rare precious container which Anthony masterfully creates, I was able to go to the depths of myself and find liberating strength in my vulnerability – among other expansive enlightening awarenesses. I have such huge gratitude for the caliber and quality of this work and am honoured to be continually growing and breathing in these realms. With abundant love and appreciation."
“The training is definitely something I felt called to do after Seeds of Alchemy 2-day immersion. Breathwork continues to open doors and the training allows me to fully investigate and be supported in my experiences. I feel like I am growing and opening towards life’s untapped potential. Also, becoming part of an inspiring like-minded community on a global scale is a great feeling!”